Laptop HP 250 G6 review

Processor and memory:
It has decent performance, the i3 5005u performs well. I use Photoshop, do video editing (it’s a bit slow on this but if you take your time you can do it), you can play not so demanding games, internet browsing etc.
It only has 4 GB of ram, and at times you might hit the limit especially if you keep a LOT of tabs open in chrome like me and don’t shutdown the laptop for weeks, just put it to sleep. But it’s not that a big issue and only rarely.

I bought it with the mat display in mind and I don’t regret. If you use your laptop on the road, in the open, in a coffee shop etc you will have sunlight on the screen at times, and the mat display performs great. When you watch movies, the colours are a bit faded compered with the glare displays but i can live with that. If you spend all the time with the laptop inside the house you are better with a glare display otherwise matt it’s the way to go.

I wish it didn’t had a VGA port as I don’t need one, I only use HDMI these days, but hey if you need it it’s there. It has one USB 3 port and 2 USB 2.0 and a card reader.
As of connectivity you have an Ethernet RJ45 port as well as WiFi and Bluetooth.

HP 250 G6 wifi module

It comes with a 500 GB HDD that I changed from the beginning with a Kingston 128 GB SSD. You can see a lot of improvement with this upgrade. I bought a HDD caddy for the 500 GB inside the laptop and I use it as an external HDD.
To upgrade the HDD to SSD you have to remove all the back cover. Remove the bolts then use a small plastic card like a fidelity card from shops (don’t use your credit card as you might damage it) to unclip the plastic clips. I managed to break one, but it’s unnoticeable.

It has on-board video card so don’t expect to much performance. I play Heroes of the storm with low settings all the time and it works fine.

Keyboard and touch-pad:
The keyboard it’s good, the arrow keys are a bit crammed and at times I hit the wrong arrow, but this key arrangement it’s quite common on laptops. The extra numpad that is usually found on 17 inch laptops it’s quite useful.


41 Wh battery it’s not the best but it gives you around 3 hours of activity. After one years of use still goes as in the beginning.

Overall it’s an all around good laptop, with enough juice to get you thought most tasks (but you should upgrade the hdd with a ssd first).

View the full specs here :

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