Windows 10 retail usb 3.0 stick

Windows 10 comes on usb stick as media and if you install many you get a lot of them and they have good read speed.
Unfortunately¬† the stick is firmware locked into read only mode and can’t be changed by any software manipulation, but need to be written the firmware with write active.

I opened one to find some more details about the chip but no luck.

It is detected as : KDI-MSFT Windows 10 USB Device
ChipGenius reports this :
Controller Vendor: Phison
Controller Part-Number: PS2251-07(PS2307) – F/W 01.02.55 [2015-11-06]
Flash ID code: 983A98A3 – Toshiba [TLC]

I have found some information on some russion sites about the phison chipset but no luck just bricked two usb sticks.
If you have some info or ideas leave a comment and I am willing to brick some more in attempt to make them ussable.

I was thinking of using more in a raid 0 stripping configuration to get a bigger one like a ssd by using a usb 3.0 hub

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  1. I just restore three USB stick with Windows 10. You need a program called “Phison MPALL v5.03.0A-DL07” from a Russian site. This will replace drive firmware and enable normal operation. Just remember to set all settings to Auto, but VID to 13FE, PID to 5500 and Mode to 3.


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